1. ladies and other doodles

  2. subway doodles + drawings of my friend Val + caricature of my sister & her husband

    hoping to post some comics and gifs soon

  3. selfie

  4. a small cactus on me shoulder

  5. noam and the realistic black and white camel 

  6. doodles

  7. lady

  8. doodle dump #334

  9. untitled #101010


  10. gunnarpatriksson said: I love your stuff! It's really idiosyncratic, so I can tell a large part of it is purely you, but do you have any significant influences?

    hey thanks!! mostly 90’s cartoons like cow & chicken, ren and stimpy, simpsons and such..and also artists like keith haring, robert crumb, ralph steadman. check out my inspiration blog for more stuff: http://noamlikes.tumblr.com/ cheers!