1. Drink n draw

    I’m currently in London til Friday, then I’m headed to Amsterdam for a week and Berlin for a week if anyone wants to meet up and sketch or something. Email me noam.sussman@gmail.com or send me a msg thru tumblrrr

  2. ye olde life drawing in toronto

    this dude was the best model ive ever drawn

  3. animated a little commercial thing for my dad

    watch in HD! 

    more stuff coming soon!

  4. grrrr

  5. lifedrawings

  6. ladies and other doodles

  7. subway doodles + drawings of my friend Val + caricature of my sister & her husband

    hoping to post some comics and gifs soon

  8. selfie

  9. a small cactus on me shoulder

  10. noam and the realistic black and white camel